Friday, February 1, 2008

Vinyl to Digital

Recently, a client wanted to put his collection of music onto his computer. No big deal, you say, just download the tunes from the internet and then sync your favorite mp3 player (i.e., ipod). But there's a catch. All of the music is on records. You know, those big, round things that resemble a Frisbee and have circular grooves on them. You also need a record player aka turntable, amplifier, speakers, etc. to hear the music. Well, the client only had the large record collection without any stereo equipment.

So, after some research, we decided on the Ion iTTUsb Turntable. It costs about $110 from Very simple to set up. Just install the software. Plug the turntable into a vacant usb port on your computer. Launch software, play record and save recording to computer. Its a great solution to turn your old, irreplaceable vinyl into digital recordings.


weblady said...

Hi Ed

Let me know how this works out for your client.

My husband has hundreds of LP's and I think this would be a good gift, but I worry about the condition of the LP's after all these years in storage.


Linda Kane

Ed Kivell said...

As I stated before, the setup turned out to be fairly easy. The supplied software worked ok. The client was able to transfer an entire LP or just select certain tracks with some practice. However; to remove scratches,clicks, noise, etc. from the recordings you will need more sophisticated software such as Goldwave or ClickRepair.

fpainestam said...

I bought one of these Ions last year, and have been using it with the Audacity software that comes with it. Generally, it works fine, though as Ed said, it doesn't do much for scratches, etc. One strange thing, though--each time you complete an item (whether that's a disk, or a band from a disk, or a song), it's important to fully exit from the software before starting another one. If you don't do this, what you will hear when playing it is the first one recorded over the other(s). Very strange sounds! It took me a while to figure this out. But otherwise, it seems to work fine. Frank Paine

Anonymous said...

I was a real audiophile in my younger days. I wonder what setup, both hardware and software, give the best quality reproduction?

Anonymous said...

This is a pretty cool thing. Now I can convert all my old Devo LPs!