Friday, February 1, 2008

Something New

Well... This is a start of something new. A way to share my experiences with electronic devices with the outside world. Previous to this , I only shared my computer "trials and tribulations" with my fellow computer consultants. Typically, the conversation went something like this --- "You won't believe what I had to do with for this ( blank blank --- substitute your own derogatory adjective) client".

Now, I guess that I'll have to look at things from the consumer point of view. This is somewhat of a scary thought. I hope that they don't revoke my consultant's license. In any event, its a new start.


Anonymous said...

Off the topic.....
Ed has been helping me for years with my web pages. I recently discovered that embedded video files written with Microsoft Frontpage will not run in Internet Explorer 7 nor with Mozilla Firefox. There are ways around the problem if you change every computer but I cannot find a universal cure. If you have any suggestions, please help. To see my non videos, web site is

Andrew said...

Well, congratulations on the new blog!

It is about time we the masses, lost in cyberspace, searching for real answers to our technical questions, finally found some.